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The days of pulling out your tools to detach a hold-down from another conveyor are over.

A multi-purpose, multi-directional conveyor product shingling device.

Designed to shingle products in both perpendicular and parallel positions, the QuickSet HoldDown quickly converts all of your conveyors to different line configurations.

The strong magnetic force (300 lbs) easily attaches this unit to any metal surface allowing flexibility in your production environment.  The narrow 1-1/2” surface width works with any size conveyor system. The parallel hold-down wheels utilize a rubber inner tube for maximum product pickup at the shingling nip point.  By tilting the unit, the QuickSet HoldDown easily detaches to move to another line or to a storage area for future use.


Click to watch video of QuickSet HoldDown.

The QuickSet™ HoldDown - A Conveyor Shingling Tool from Output Technology on Vimeo.


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